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If talking about system construction of team of Phufah garden home, engineers and architects, Be aware that Every step is important To work out the best. As well as to meet the needs and expectations of customers. The team of the Phu Garden Home has focused on the construction of several points by a professional monitor all steps to ensure the quality and standard, but if there is anything that the project Phufa Garden Home check thereto describe the details typical statement. So you can be more easily understood. (If you would like further information, please contact the Sales Office) In this case put forward some topics presented below.

8 meter deep piling

The pit is considered the most important part of building and construction, that it is acting in support. Taking the weight of the House down to the ground. Therefore, we choose to give priority at this point is especially important, and construction must have the piling length up to 8 meters deep by characteristics of the piling is nailed down, we reached the sand because of the load of the floor is best, which prevent the building collapsed, you can be assured that there will be no collapse of the homeland.

With wall formation  " red brick "

Studies and analysis from the team. In the system section of the brick wall, we have chosen to use in the Mon in the construction because, in fact, found that the brick strength. Endure cracks over the brick wall is very light and mass, can be drilled and hammered clay extraction embedded devices, it is possible to weight. Adjust a customer's needs, but if you're a lightweight brick walls, there is a chance that is a hole or incoherent and unable to gain weight. Templates that have brick walls muan advantage at some point, but we chose to use brick because of its strength and results in better long-term lots.

Thermal insulation

Team of the project Phu FAH Garden Home Sims to choose and use the insulation type aluminum foil shiny skin and a standard thickness. Because the heat is reflected by gloss finish type insulators are characterized as aluminum foil placed on the roof by preventing heat from thermal radiation by reflecting away before the heat is accumulated in the body of the incoming material. Again, all characteristics of the insulation is thin, making the insulation do not cause heat build-up. Light weight does not absorb water. There is no glass-fibre dust harmful to health and the properties of the insulating type aluminum foil that is another important. The insulation that can bring out the heat radiation is less which, if installed insulation under the roof, it will transfer heat in homes with little.

System of termites.

  • We use a pipe (PE) size 20 mm vertical beams attached to the collar in the whole building.
  • Make a hole to install the spray head pipe with chemicals, not exceeding 100 cm apart along the length of the pipe.
  • Define compressed into a point for chemical hose in the future. Make a head for their embedded storage boxes attached to the outer walls of buildings, to the beauty and comfort in chemical.
  • After the spraying of chemical surface treatment of the soil inside the building, both inside and outside the buildings in a radius of 1 metre around the area to prevent termites that are eating the House.

Roof tiles  "CPAC MONIER"

For that reason, we chose this type of roof tiles, beauty, harmony, piece of roof. Color, long lasting and durable, yet there is strong confidence in the quality, as well as leak-proof design, Lotus has a trap as follows: 3 floors, 2 full length trench to prevent rain water chaikrabueang reverse side, head and side trough khangkrabueang valves that help to prevent leakage between the sheets with confidence. Through the testing from the manufacturers and engineers of interested people, and then by actual trial.

Paint wipe type.

Watercolor with we have chosen to use TOA paint, 4 Seasons, which has all kinds of side and semi-gloss. Note that we can use for this category, since there are several features and advantages, we have to work the very best quality. As follows:
  • Is more resistant to weather conditions that the variance of the Muang Thai-style category.
  • Resistant to abrasion swab
  • Semi-gloss paints have added substance to prevent surface stains coating SRC are great
  • Lead-free pose hazards.
  • With TIS 2321-2549 (2006) and TIS 272-2549 (2006)
Frosted slat Breathable
Frosted slat vents gable roof addition area already. We also see the frosted panels direct thakhong the point where the eaves to help cooling down from the roof before the heat is radiated into the home. We will make the ceiling around the House eaves area slats to hold joint. Around the home, the air can circulate around the side, like in the image. Frosted slat sections, using a timeline, structure The wooden parts used to make frosted panels of synthetic wood made. Because they are resistant to weathering is not important and easy twisting termite and insect mesh is inserted along with Add. To prevent the insects from outside the aircraft into the box of wood.

UPVC door and frame

Teams of engineers have studied the advantages of UPVC door and frame types to analyze the system, installing Windows and doors that the key points that need to be changed to achieve the durable material with long life thus have the choice of materials, doors, sash, and at some point within the home. By the features and advantages of dadu, these are the kind of material UPVC.
  • Do not stretch and contraction of various weather conditions when you.
  • This material has a low weight.
  • No need to paint the door again, because slash type UPVC Sima has successfully from the factory so make ensure beautiful. Resolution and quality
  • On the subject of energy savings, it is yet another example of plastic with plastic has a lower thermal conductivity than insulation material made of metal so much guys. Assembly with a hollow box styles, the more effective your insulation.

Heat Absorbing Glass

Current weather conditions from multiple reasons and causes, we use the glass window and door types cut the green light because of the current climate in the Sun's radiation. A short wave radiation which can penetrate into buildings and the wavelength radiations affect materials within a building, such as flooring, glass walls, etc., which absorbs the radiation wave, short wave radiation, or change into thermal energy, which could not be penetrated by Ryu.Sheer self saengayangkrachok back outside the building. So the heat accumulated inside the building, and thus became part of the burden of the cooling air conditioning system. Make the charge quite a lot in this section. Tinted glass is translucent mirror that can help solve such problems. By the different color is caused by oxides of metals such as iron, cobalt or selenium into the meat mixture glass reduces heat energy from the Sun to pass through. With features that can absorb heat energy from the Sun that is shining the glass shelves have affected approximately 40-50 percent, contribute to reducing the financial burden of the refrigeration air conditioning down. They also help reduce the glare of light shining through. Make soft eyes, light up by the Green, which is a colour that is commonly used in most countries, Thailand. So at this point, therefore, is another thing that we may not be overlooked. So we pay attention to this point.